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Heron Medicine

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

It’s time to let the Divine enter.

It only takes a pinprick for the Light to shine through.

My Journey with Heron

When I was approached by my friend Amanda Nicole about teaching an immersion course on Tulip Poplar and her Animal Allies, I knew it was finally time. For over a year, I’ve been patiently biding my time, listening and writing down all that I receive, knowing that the opportunity to share Animal Medicine in an authentic, yet original way, would present itself. And here it is! After receiving a list of Animal Allies Tulip Poplar had revealed to Amanda, Heron made it clear that he would lead the way on this beautiful journey with one of the most divine trees I've had the honor to connect with.

For me, connecting and working with Animal Allies is something that comes naturally. It's a simple act of listening to the lessons they wish to share with us daily. That stirring in your heart when you see the Hawk fly overhead. The breath caught in your throat when you cross paths with the Doe on your trail hike. It's when you know they are speaking to you; offering you a little guidance as you follow your path. I want to share the ability to meet, connect, and work with the Animals that have spoken to others personally so that they might apply this deeper knowledge of the world around us in a way that our ancestors once did; some, not so long ago.

So, in my new online Inner Certainty Healing Arts School, I'll be covering these topics and applications. I'm thrilled to offer this as not only an Animal Allies course, but a Plants and Animals course as the first series that appears on the school site. With Blue Heron leading the way with Tulip Poplar, I'd like to share a little about Heron's Medicine as a brief introduction to the exciting coursework coming up.

Heron Medicine

Four major area's of Tulip Poplar and Heron's Medicine truly stood out to Amanda and me as we spoke with each other to delve deeper into the alliance between the two. As Allies, these two wise and patient teachers offer us lessons in Spear Medicine, the Divine Masculine Power of Giving, and how to stand Straight & Tall. In seasons of our life when emotional trauma becomes a chronic illness, when the painful but necessary process of healing has finally been allowed to start, when we have experienced an unhealthy relationship with a male whom we loved, these two offer their strength and assurance we can rely on.

Heron as an Ally

Whether Heron alights on a nearby tree as you sit by the lake, or flies into your dreams, his appearance could be signaling that now is the time to allow the Divine’s light to pierce through your darkness. With his quick and precise accuracy, Heron can strike through the murky depths of the emotional turmoil that swirls around you.

Whether meditating on the stillness of this magnificent bird, practicing his steady gracefulness in your yoga practice, or opening your heart to the hard truths that need your attention, asking Heron to stand in as your Ally can produce a sense of inner peace paralleled by few Animals. Allowing you to maintain your dignity while also giving you space to break a little is one of his abilities as he aids you through the situation for which you seek help.

Harmony and Balance,


Find more Heron Medicine at the Inner Certainty Healing Arts School


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