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Watering Can

Farm Tours

Casey and David would love to share their story with you in person! Learn about the homestead that has been in Casey's family for almost half a century, and how they brought it back to its current, beautiful state.

Goose watercolor painting

Sarah E. Photography LLC

Sustainable Gardening

Start your tour of the homestead with a walk through our sustainably-designed and chemical-free gardens. Besides our food production garden, you can enjoy the flavors and aromas of the tea and pollinator garden, from which Casey harvests and blends her own teas, tinctures, and other receipts.


We'll discuss the benefits of composting, why we have so many weeds, and the surprising way we amended our soil!


A basket of orange chanterelle mushrooms beside the creek in the forest.

Introduction to the Trails

The homestead has a few trails to choose from, but we'll be taking you on the Princess Path so you can enjoy the basic lay of the Land. You'll pass the Chan-Trail, our Transformation Meditation point, and Abundance Garden, just to name a few key spots!

Those interested can inquire about David's Seven Directions Trail Run here on the homestead, and can even join him for a morning of spiritual and physical work!

Casey holds her black rabbit selkie with a background of green leaves.

Sarah E. Photography LLC

Learning Livestock

Meet our family of feathered and furry teachers! You can currently view our laying hens and soldier flies, as well as (possibly*) pet our Cotton Patch geese Cornbread and Butterbean, along with Selkie and Brer the rabbits. 

You'll hear more about how to tend to small farm animals' needs and how they contribute to the homestead. 

*Animals have bad days, too! Don't get your feelings hurt if they are feeling shy on your tour.


Casey picking green beans in the garden.
David shows a young girl wild blackberries.

You Can Eat That!

Request an add-on to your tour during which Casey or David can take you on an edible exploration around Reid Homestead. Find out which mushrooms are in season, the tasty weeds that grow in your yard, and the helpful medicines of the woods.


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