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Bat Medicine

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Fly into the unknown, even when you're frightened.

"It's okay to let go."

My Journey with Bat

Until recently, I had not worked with bat on many occasions. However, after a family member pulled Bat while trying to meet her Animal Ally, Bat really pushed me to think outside of the box. My family member was instantly put off by Bat, and said that these animals truly gave her the heeby jeebies. And, to be honest, I really wasn't seeing the connection. Bat was the complete opposite of what I see when I think of this family member. I think of bright, bubbly, and outgoing when working with her, which were not characteristics I automatically attributed to bat.

Bat knew I was a little slow on the uptake, and waited for me to get the picture, thankfully. I knew that Bat was about change; rebirth; the death of old things; transition. It wasn't until I remembered what the family member's profession is that I realized why Bat was allied with her. She assists her synagogue's members and families through times in which a loved one is ill or nearing death. BAM! There it was! Bat knew that she needed this medicine in order to help these folks transition smoothly, and with as little fear as possible.

While Bat is still growing on my family member, she's definitely more open to Bat's work through her profession after learning her Medicine. She walked away feeling more confident in her work and the service she's able to offer people who are hurting, scared, confused, or frustrated. Thanks to this challenging reading, I walked away with a deeper understanding of whom Bat chooses to fly beside.

Bat Medicine

This nocturnal creature carries moon and spirit Medicine for those who are looking to reconnect with their intuition, who are facing changes, or who want to delve deeper into their spiritual practice. She reminds us that she goes against expectations, and has wonderful outcomes regardless of others' disbelief. She is the only flying mammal, and uses her unusual talent to help pollinate.

Bat helps you fly into the unknown. Embrace the night; not all dark things are bad. Oftentimes we find that spiritual awakening or Divine healing comes after the most daunting challenges in our life. The moonlight is on the other side, and waiting to welcome you after your journey with Bat.

Bat as an Ally

After my reading I discussed earlier, I came to understand that Bat loves working with those who help others in transition. Nurses, death doulas, those who work in social services, and those who work in their spiritual community to help ease the pain or confusion that comes at the end of life come to mind immediately. Folks who work with a population that experiences fear, painful transition, or violent change may find Bat fluttering above them, waiting for your call. If you are one of those folks, I highly encourage you reach out to Bat.

For those of us who are on the other side of transition, and who may need a helper, consider combining Bat's Medicine with a Full Moon Ritual for letting go of whatever no longer serves you, or for healing the pain of having to let go of a loved one, a relationship, or a situation. Likewise, you can combine Bat's Medicine with a New Moon Ritual for manifesting your intentions through her strength of achievement (think pollination!). No matter which direction you choose, Bat is all about transformation.

If you plan to do a transformative moon ritual, I suggest sitting in a darkened room or outside on the night of your chosen moon. Light a few candles, but not many, and write down what you are letting go of OR what you are manifesting.

Full Moon Bat Ritual

If you are letting go of something that no longer serves you, write it down on a piece of paper. Roll it up and tie it with a piece of string. Sit with it for a while, meditating on why you are letting go of this. Where do you see yourself going after you have let go of it? How will letting go improve your life and help you feel happier and healthier? After envisioning and contemplating this, imagine Bat swooping in and grabbing it from your hand. You may even lift your arm into the air holding the little scroll. After she has grabbed it in your mind, burn the scroll with one of your candles, again reminding yourself how letting go of this will serve you.

For those of us in the grieving process, you may choose to have a photograph of your loved one with you. Bring a flower that reminds you of this loved one. On a sheet of paper, write a message to the person/animal. Tell this loved one how much you loved them, and what your favorite time spent with them was. Roll the letter up if it is on a separate page, and slide the flower into the column of the letter. Imagine Bat visiting you and taking your message in her feet. She flies heavenward, delivering your letter and the flower to its recipient.

New Moon Bat Ritual

When setting intentions, be sure to make them positive and affirmative. As you sit down with your candles, take a pen and paper with you. Close your eyes and envision what your happiest, healthiest self is doing. Be imaginative and detailed! Take your time. Once you have done this, write down some of those details. Then, think of one or two things you can do to achieve this. Write them in a positive, short phrase, like, "I eat fresh foods that I have prepared myself." You may want to decorate the page. Once you've sat with the moon or in your sacred space long enough, and enjoyed your time of introspection, find a place in your home or place of work where you will see it daily. Imagine Bat "pollinating" your intentions as you work to manifest them through your decisions and commitments.

Harmony and Balance,



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