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Loving on yourself like you love on others

Part of the "Co-Creating Your Best Life Series" from Inner Certainty Healing Arts

Think about the last act of service you did for someone. Did you rub your partner's feet, or cook someone a meal, possibly give someone a gift? What drove you to do this? If this was an authentic act of service, then your intentions were caring and unselfish--totally centered on the wellbeing of the individual you were serving.

In your own creative way, you were empowering that person to live a better life that day. You gifted them with the knowledge that they were loved, cared for, and honored. You showed them that they mattered. You reminded them of their inherent self worth.

You showed them that they mattered. You reminded them of their inherent self worth.

But how many of us do that for ourselves? What acts of service do we offer our mind, body, or spirit to remind them that they are loved, they are cared for, and they are honored? It's a no-brainer when we're serving others...because that's exactly what it is: service. We're taught that this ability to be selfless is valuable and venerable. As it should be taught.

BUT, it is also suggested in that same vein that serving ourselves, such as asking our partner to take the kids to the park while we take a bubble bath, or buying a higher quality item for OURSELVES, or making the meal we've really been dying to try (even though no one else in the house is crazy about it) selfish.

Go ahead and throw that out the window now.

Let me be the one to tell you that it's not selfish. Self love and personal care are not inconsiderate. You can't serve from an empty cup, my friends, and ignoring your own self care is not the way to stay full. You are worthy of that yoni steam. Not the quickie version that gets you in and out of the tub, but the one where you light candles and ask the roommates to leave the house so it's quiet besides the voice of Enya blasting through your phone. You deserve to buy the fancy face cream that has to be hidden from the kids so they don't turn it into potions on their next make-believe spree.

So, what is it that you like to do for others? Do you love giving someone a compliment when they're looking particularly low? Is making a pot of soup for a sick friend something you're known for? Your babysitting skills are on speed dial for friends who need a break? Flip the script on that. Pick one act of service you've done to love on someone and do it for yourself (obviously don't babysit your own kids -- call in a favor!). And, if you're still worried spending time on yourself will take away from your care of others, I promise you, adding this to your routine personal practice will make you an even more capable and caring friend.

My husband David gives me foot rubs all the time as an act of love and service. He now gives himself foot rubs regularly as his act of self love, and he's been amazed at how it has positively impacted his relationship with himself.

Making this shift in self love empowers you to build your sense of self worth and allows you to begin transforming your relationship with yourself. Toxic feelings of self loathing, low self esteem, and negative inner dialogue are hard to hold on to when we're showing ourselves how much we appreciate our mind, body, and spirit.

Friends, again I will remind you,

you are worthy

you are remarkable

you are WAY more than enough

Now, go love on yourself! 😌


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